Discover the Healing Power of Herbal Medicine

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What our patients are saying

‘For 11 years I was taking medications for migraine headaches, constipation and lately face edema. 

 I now am free from such symptoms and my energy has greatly improved.

 Thanks to Valery and medicinal herbs!' M.Y.

'For years I suffered from bloating and distention after meals, frequent daily bowels and occasional headaches. 

Herbal formulas from Valery relieved me of headaches and digestive issues. 

I feel happy and on the move!' Jimmy P.

'My teenage son suffered from frequent winter colds, nasal discharge and ear infections. 

He used inhalers for recurrent shortness of breath. 

Herbs from Valery improved my son’s condition so much that he now breathes normally.

 No more colds, nasal dripping or ear problems!' S.R.

‘I suffered for years from low back pain and overactive bladder which affected my sleep schedule.

Through herbal treatments Valery managed to greatly reduce my pain and help me stabilize my

daily schedule. I can now sleep through the night!’ 


What our customers are saying

‘My energy level was low. I also was miserable because of my arthritis and gastritis!

Medications helped very little.

Valery’s proper diagnosis followed by herbal formulas restored my energy and relived me  from pains! 

Thank you, Doc!’ 

Olga A.

What our customers are saying

‘I am a health professional. For a long time, I suffered from erectile dysfunction. Because of herbal decoctions from Valery Yuabov I returned to normal sexual activity’.

Peter M.

What our customers are saying

‘I am a cancer patient. In addition my problems I experienced severe nausea and vomiting after eating. 

Once I started on herbal formulas

nausea and vomiting had stopped.

I now can eat normally, and my spirits have improved’. 

Lana N.

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